The Great You Tube Dog Show

Over 55,000 people have viewed this video on You Tube – have you seen it yet?

With some haunting music by Beethoven in the background, 100 different [tag-tec]dog breeds[/tag-tec] morph into each other during the video – it’s very cleverly done and well worth spending the 4 minutes 40 seconds running time watching it!

I was a bit concerned that were weren’t any Schnauzers, but a Miniature Schnauzer showed up towards the end with a jolly red jumper on!

I’ve watched it several times now, and still can’t name all the breeds – how many do you recognize?

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  1. That’s wonderful, I must share it with my readers and link back, thanks! BTW – love your blog, great info! Thanks for all your hard work. – Johann

  2. Yes, I think it’s one of best videos I’ve seen.
    Thanks for the comments about my site – much appreciated!

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