Don’t Risk Your Dog’s Health – Make Your Own Chicken Jerky


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States recently cautioned dog owners of a possible link between their dogs becoming ill and the consumption of chicken jerky products.

This alert comes in the wake of the FDA receiving more than 70 complaints from dog owners whose dogs had eaten the chicken jerky treats and became ill; sadly in a couple of cases the dogs died.

The FDA has yet to determine what caused these dogs’ illnesses. Despite extensive testing of the products in question, no contaminant has been found.

The products being investigated by the FDA are Bestro’s Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Jerky Strips from Import-Pingyang Pet Product Co., both sold by Wal Mart.

Dogs that have become ill have shown some or all of the following symptoms:

  • decreased food consumption, although some may continue to consume the treats to the exclusion of other foods;
  • decreased activity or lethargy;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea, sometimes with blood; and
  • increased water consumption and/or increased urination.

If your dog has eaten chicken jerky treats and is showing any of the above symptoms, take him to a vet as soon as you can.

Source: FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine

The alternative has to be to make your own chicken jerky treats

Here is a quick and easy recipe for chicken jerky that I found on the Diet Skin Allergies In Dogs blog:

Homemade Chicken Treats for Your Dog

  • Slice chicken breasts into thin strips;
  • Place the strips on a non-stick or greased cookie sheet;
  • If you don’t have a dehydrator (who owns one of these?), bake in the oven at 180 degrees overnight or for several hours during the day – it will be like jerky when done;
  • Let the chicken cool before placing in plastic bags; and
  • Jerky strips can be frozen for use later if desired.

I haven’t tried the recipe yet but it sounds easy enough, and a whole lot healthier for your dog than any dog treat made in China.

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  1. You Publish an Amazing Blog…

    I Really Like It !

    Regards, Roger B.

  2. Thank you Roger, I’m glad you like it.
    I love the picture on your homepage; that’s one very brave cat! Clare.

  3. Thanks for the recipe for chicken jerky. So many families are affected by this. I think we all need to be more cautious about pet products that are imported. I can’t wait to make this for our dogs!

  4. thanks for spreading the word about animal care and health. If we keep plugging away, maybe we can make a difference. Great blog you have!

  5. Hi Debra, thanks for your comment. I hope your dogs enjoyed the jerky treats!

  6. Thanks for the recipe- I cannot wait to try it.

    Most of all Thank you for the the awareness you have brought about CHINA/Bestro/Pingyang Pet Products.

    I am one who has lost a beloved devoted dog to this contaminated crap.

    I am totally devistated, and angry that it has taken so long and so much to find the cause/contaminate.

    The product was even allowed to enter the USA, after being held by the Port Authority for several weeks…for unknown reasons.. (previous shippments were refused from the same manufacture).

    Hopefully, with all of the TOP NOTCH Doctors, VETS, and Labs working diligently and persistantly they will find the cause. Please…Keep them all in your prayers that they will find the cause.

  7. Sherri, thank you for posting your comment.

    It must be gut wrenching to lose your dog in this way – the anger, frustration, why me, and guilt you’re probably feeling is an awful lot of emotion to deal with. I’m not sure I could ever come to terms with losing my dog in this way.

    Raising people’s awareness about contaminated products is the best we can do as I don’t think the risk is going to go away any time soon.

    The most frustrating part is being kept in the dark about the facts, whether they’ve been substantiated or not. We are all capable of making decisions on what is in the best interest of our dogs, just let us know the facts.

  8. Morgan, my diabetic dog and I thank you too. We have been being the Chicken Niblets for him. He’s fine, but they were getting to expensive.

    We will be making these for him from now on. Blessings.

  9. Thanks for your comment Nanette, I hope Morgan enjoys the chicken jerky!

  10. Anna Abraham says:

    This is valuable information. Anytime you can control what your
    animals eat you are much safer. I buy Ranger Chicken, free range and no hormones etc. It is the only chicken that has been tested to free of contaminants of any kind. It’s worth the extra money. It’s delicious. I cook for my two Akita’s and use all organic products. i also energy test all their foods and threats. It has saved Sheba’s life. If you would like to learn how to enerrgy test the foods and supplements you give your pets contact me. It is simple and quick. Thank you for the chicken jerkey recipe. I’ve been buying a brand that is organic and hormone free but it is expensive.

  11. I tried the chicken jerkey recipe today. It tastes great.
    The chicken strips shrunk quite abit. Maybe I didn’t make
    them thick enough.

    I prebake the chicken breasts thinking it might be easier to cut.
    It was easier. Will continue to experiment.
    I was hoping it would be less expensive than buying them.
    Judging from how much they shrunk it doesn’t look like that’s
    the reality. Feedback appreciated.

  12. I know this post is about making your own chicken jerky for your dogs, but just wanted to share that our dog got sick from the chicken jerky from China too, and luckily he did recover. Our lives are so busy and I know that seniors and those with young active families might not find time to cook their own. Our vet did recommend a chicken jerky made in America–our dog loves it! It’s called Kona’s Chips and you can buy it online at The bag is huge too, compared to the chinese chicken jerky!

    Also, another website that has a lot of info about the illness and deaths caused by this is

  13. Thanks so much for the info chicken strips. In an effort to fed my 2 mini schnauzers a heathier treat w/o so much wheat, peanuts and other alllergens that are in most dog biscuits I ‘ve been giving them dried chicken strips.They are a bit expensive and have gone up alot in the last year.I was looking on-line for jerky recipes to make in my dehydrator,hoping I will save some money.I came acros your article and thought to myself ,”We buy our chicken strips for dogs at Trader Joe’s, a high-quality market and should be safe. Well I went to my cupboard only to read that they are from China !
    Thanks so much,

  14. Thank you for this recipe! I made the jerky for my dog today, and she went crazy for it!

    One trick that helps: partially freeze the chicken breasts and cut them with a very sharp knife (like a boning knife). It’s much easier to cut that way.

    Also, because I did the strips during the day, I turned them over half way through, and they finished very evenly. I bought 4 lb. of boneless chicken breasts (on sale for $1.99/lb.), which filled up four cookie sheets initially but shrunk down to one by the end. Still a bargain! I’m making more to give as Christmas gifts.

    Thank you again!

  15. Thanks for the recipe. I have stopped buying dog bisquits and make my oiwn now and my Chihuahuas love them. The commercial chicken strips gave them Diarrhea, so I threw them out. Making my own is a little work, but it saves me money and makes my dogs happy and healthy.

  16. Slightly freeze the chicken and it will be easy to cut.

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