Resolutions and 101 Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter


I came across an article today written by Jim Johnson who is a co-founder of the Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary in Columbia, Missouri.

Jim’s article in the Columbia Tribune gives 10 resolutions for us humans so we can make 2008 a better year for our pets, and 10 resolutions for our dogs so they can give us even more joy over the next twelve months!

Number 10 on the list of human resolutions – “I will support a local animal rescue or shelter. After all, they might help my pet someday” – reminded me of an excellent list Karen Shanley posted on her blog a couple of weeks ago titled 101 Ways to Help Breed Rescue Without Adopting or Fostering.

Karen’s list has some great ways to help out your local rescue shelter and many of them shouldn’t take too much time to complete but would make a much welcomed contribution to the running of the animal shelter.

Number 102 could be to forward the list to your local animal rescue so they can start the new year off with 101 ideas for encouraging voluntary support over the coming year.

I’ve spoken to Zoe and Fritz about their new year resolutions; Zoe said she’ll make an extra effort not to be sick in Dad’s car every time she travels in it, but if it does happen she’ll try and avoid the air-conditioning vents. Fritz said he’ll try and stop wiping his beard on the sofas after he’s eaten as he realises the stains don’t look attractive.

Have your dogs made any new year resolutions?

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