Top Dog Names

Puppy American Cocker Spaniel Breed in front of a white background

If you need ideas for naming the new puppy I recommend you look at the lists of most popular dog names in 2007 has compiled from its 11,000 plus animal shelter and rescue group members.

I’ve included the top 10 cat names too because I’ve heard many of these used as dog and puppy names.

It can be difficult naming a puppy so I’ve added a third list of the top 10 most unusual names as a benchmark for wackiness!

Here are the top 10 most popular dog names:

  1. Buddy
  2. Max
  3. Sadie
  4. Jack
  5. Daisy
  6. Lucy
  7. Lady
  8. Charlie
  9. Rocky
  10. Duke

Here are the top 10 cat names:

  1. Smokey
  2. Lucy
  3. Angel
  4. Oreo
  5. Midnight
  6. Shadow
  7. Patches
  8. Princess
  9. Tigger
  10. Molly

Here are the top 10 most unusual names:

  1. Not Pants
  2. Zhivago
  3. Fat Alice
  4. Barney Google
  5. Cinderella Cookiedough
  6. Ditto Dippin’ Dots
  7. Fizzleboom
  8. Miss booty-q
  9. Bubba Big Foot
  10. Partly Cloudy

The Petfinder web site has over 250,000 pets available for adoption so if you can’t find a name you like in the lists above have a look through the web site for some more inspiration.

Once you’ve found a name you like you’ll need to teach puppy his name, which can be made into a great game and hopefully the first of many you will have with your new puppy.

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  1. We are having the hardest time naming our dog. We can’t come up with anything. He is a male, small breed mix, looks like part pug part terrier. We aren’t into goofy names we like strong names. Any suggestions?

  2. our akita is called bailey, our staffie is called misty, my previous german shephard was called magnum. I find naming new pets very fun!

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