2 Dogs 2,000 Miles – Helping Dogs With Cancer

Lisa left a comment after one of my dog cancer articles to tell me about the 2,000 mile hike Luke Robinson is going to start in January this year with his two Great Pyrenees dogs Hudson and Murphy. The walk, which is from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts will take about six months to complete.

The hike is to raise awareness and money for cancer research for companion animals. Luke lost his Great Pyrenees Malcolm to cancer in 2006, and this walk is in his memory.

Here’s a short trailer describing the walk (running time 1min54s):

If you’ve lost a pet to cancer, or have a cancer survivor, please consider adding their name to the memorial wall set up on the site 2dogs2000miles.

Good luck to Luke, Hudson and Murphy – you can follow their progress on their blog.

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  1. thank you, one of my pyranean dogs has a cancer and to watch this hashelped x

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