Tips for Buying Prescription Dog Medication Online


Discount Pet Drugs – No Prescription Required.

Enticing as this message sounds, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that buying prescription dog medicines from online suppliers who promote this and similar messages could be putting your dog’s health at risk.

Research by the FDA has identified web sites that are selling medicines which are,amongst other things, counterfeit, out of date, or not FDA approved.

Whilst these web sites are in the minority, they do good business by promising prescription medicines at low cost.

Unfortunately I can’t find a list of the web sites identified by the FDA, but if you are looking to buy prescription pet medicines online here are a few tips on how to ensure you are buying quality medicines for your dog:

  • Use a web site that is based in the country you live in;
  • Use a web site that will send you the medication only after you supply with them with a prescription from your vet;
  • Ask your vet for a recommendation. Whilst most vets prefer you to buy your medications through them they should be able to recommend an online supplier; and
  • Avoid web sites that offer to evaluate your dog’s condition with an online/telephone conversation and then prescribe a drug based on the outcome of the discussion. A vet needs to physically examine your dog before any medication is prescribed.
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