Funny Dog Pictures


Each Wednesday at OurDogLog Chris has a Wordless Wednesday where she just posts a funny dog picture which, excuse the cliché, really could say a thousand words.

I’ve been following Wordless Wednesday for a few weeks now, and one of my favorites “Gimme My Ball Back” is posted above.

Check out this week’s Wordless Wednesday – it brings a whole new meaning to term “prewash cycle”! And take a look at “A Little Power Nap” – it’s hysterical.

Priceless photos Chris – you’ll have to start a separate category for them on your blog so we can keep track of them all!

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  1. That is a great pic!!!! Love it!

    Woofs, Johann

  2. Funny how the little guys always look so feisty! Cute picture

  3. What a great picture. It would nice if we could take this approach in life and nonchalantly blow off the people that just can’t seem to stop talking!

  4. Great Picture. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for your time on this great site…

  5. Great picture.

  6. Hi Claire,
    Glad you enjoy the weekly pics. Dogs are so funny and cute all by themselves – no words are needed.

  7. Awwwww!!!!!

    I feel bad for the little guy.

    Somebody needs to buy another ball for him.

    So cute!!!

  8. What a great picture! Poor little guy – although it looks like he might be able to take care of himself 😉 Thanks for the recommendation to the Wordless Wednesday site. How fun!

  9. i wish that the dogs that are abused and on the street could be treated better

  10. some days I know just how the little guy feels!

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