Do You Know What Your Dog is Saying?

dogs-barkingHere’s a fun quiz I found on the Discovery Channel blog.

Anna M. Taylor of the University of Sussex recorded 7 dog barks for her Vocal Dog Project and you need to identify which bark belongs to which situation.

Can you tell the difference between a disturbed Rottweiler growl-barking and a 4-month-old Labrador puppy crying? Take the quiz to find out!

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  1. I also wonder what’s my dog is saying sometimes…He barks at me but I can even understand him…Anyway thanks for the quiz probably this might help…

  2. hello my name is debra dunning we live in san diego
    we have a 2 year old german shepard. never been trained to do water rescue.
    on sunday june 8 we were all out by the pool my older son brought over his friend and his 2 kids.. one 1 and one 5.. the little girl jumped off our diving board and was swimming to the side when next thing i knew our dog was crying and he dove into the pool from the shawlow end of the pool swam to the little girl and grab her by her pony tail and pulled her to the side of the pool. then she jumped in again and harley never leaving the pool swam to again and grab the little girl by her arm and pulled her to the steps in the shallow end again..
    monday my boys 15 and 17 and my husband went in the pool and the same thing he grab them by the hand or the arm and pulled them to the steps.. while doing all this he is crying and trying to save them.. i have had many dogs and he is trully amazing…. no training what so ever… please
    guide us to where to send information..
    thanks so much for your time
    debra dunning
    AKA.. Harley the amazing german sheperd.
    619 403 1799

    Deb Dunning
    3525 ybarra rd
    Spring Valley CA

  3. lol, sometimes I think I know what my dog is saying, and its not good.
    No wonder she runs away after she says (barks) it.

  4. My Lhasa Apso barks we she hears something or if she’s wary of someone, all the normal stuff. But she doesn’t bark to communicate with me. She uses suttle eye and head movement. If she is hungry she looks at her dish. If she wants a treat she either sits in front of me and looks toward the kitchen or if it’s really urgent gets in my face and stares at me. She also is capable of compicated communication. She loves ice cream which I keep in a freezer on the fly bridge of our boat. She will get my attention by sitting very still infront of me until she gets my attention. Then she will look at her dish, look at my shoes, look at the door and then look up. She started doing this when she was about 6 months and she is now 3 yrs. I have never had a dog before that was this smart.

  5. Wow, I got all of them right. I do tend to know what my dogs are trying to tell me but not by their barks. I’m young and am surprised how tuned in I am to animals. 🙂

  6. I have a Border Collie that is VERY vocal and it’s not that he barks so much, but “talks” to us. When I first get home for the day he will often go on and on and it is so funny! It would be something to know what is going through his head.

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  8. We also have a dog that talks.
    If we take her to the beach she will sit with anybody who listens when we get home and ramble on and on about it.
    I prefer the fact that we don’t know what she is saying.
    A humanized dog wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

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