More Help Choosing a Puppy Name

yorkshire-terrier-puppy-1Last week I posted a short checklist to help you choose a name for your [tag-tec] new puppy [/tag-tec]. Hopefully this helped you to decide on a name, but if you are still struggling to come up with one, here are few more suggestions.

A good way to select a name is to base it on the size your dog will be when he’s fully grown. Choose words that will describe his height, width and/or build. Here are a few examples:

[tag-self] Toy and Miniature Dog Breeds [/tag-self]

You can choose words that mean or describe something very small; examples are Tiny, Petit, Mite, Titch, Nipper, Poco, Squirt.

Some of these breeds have a delicate build so names that are associated with china or fragile objects could be used; example are China, Minton, Tinkabell.

[tag-self]Small Dog Breeds[/tag-self]

As with toy and miniature breeds, you could choose a puppy name that means or describes small objects, such as Shorty, Baby, Bonsai, Incy, Minnie, Midge, Pixie.

Many small dogs have a lot of energy and so you might consider a soft name like Oona, BuBu, Odie, Uma – you have to use a calm and soothing voice to pronounce these names and it will be one less thing to cause increased excitement in your dog!

[tag-self]Medium Dog Breeds[/tag-self]

Breeds of this size tend to be from the working dog and terrier groups and these dogs usually have a more solid/stocky build. I think strong people names are good for this group. Examples are Zoe (of course!), William, Harry and Josie.

You can also choose a [tag-cat] dog name [/tag-cat] associated with their size such as Midway, Mezzo and Twix.

[tag-self]Large Dog Breeds[/tag-self]

With the large breeds you have a mixture of the slow gentle giants and the speedy graceful hounds.

Aristocratic names suit many of the sight hounds – Grace, Arusha, Azuro and Betina are examples.

Names you could choose for some of the well built breeds include strong sounding names such as Chubbs, Sumo, Tank, Magnum, Mondo and Beefy.

Short, sharp names such as Rex and Max are good too for the gentle giant Mastiff breeds. These words have energy and may help to spark some energy in your dog when you call him.

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