Choosing a Puppy Name Based on Your Puppy’s Coat

miniature-daschund-puppyA good way to choose a [tag-tec]puppy name[/tag-tec] is to base it on either the color of, or the markings on, his coat.

Black, brown, gold and white are the most common single color coats, and red is seen too in breeds like the Irish Setter (also known as the Red Setter).

Many dog coats comprise a number of colors, and names can be chosen from words that describe the pattern of colors or the shape of the markings on the coat.

Here are a few suggestions:

Black Dog Coat: Inky, Midnight, Blackie, Jet, Raven, Storm.

Brown Dog Coat: Bear, Hershey, Fudge, Bruno, Mocha, Tawny.

Golden/Yellow Dog Coat: Goldie, Vanilla, Karat, Goldberg, Cremora.

White Dog Coat: Chalky, Polar, Crystal, Ice, Coconut, Snowflake.

Red Dog Coat: Rusty, Red, Redver, Rosie, Russell.

Patterned Coat: Swirl, Stains, Merle, Jester, Jazzy.

Specific Markings on Coat: Spothog, Dottie, Dot Com, Specks, Stripey Jack.

If you’ve named your puppy based on his color or markings, I’d love to hear what name you chose for him.

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  1. Thanx for all the great tips on how to name my dogs. I have all Chihuahuas. Six of them actually. We have a female dog that we named Oreo because like and Oreo Cookie on the top she’s black and on her belly or the inside of a real Oreo she’s all white. We have another dog named Dice. He’s black and white also. But he’s more white with black spots, like a an actual dice. Then comes Cappuccino. He’s a light golden with some very light brown and white mixed in. Then is Domino. He’s also black and white. But like his dad dice he’s more white with blacl spots like a real domino. Then we have Cup-cake. She’s a brownish briddle color. She’s nothing like a cup-cake. My mom named her. Anyway our last dog is a light brown with a white neck, belly, head and paws. She also has one black eye. Since just a puppy ans was just born we haven’t had the chance to come up with a good name. We were wondering if you could help. Thanx so much for all the tips! They were gr8t!

  2. What great names you have chosen for your dogs Vernisha. Your new puppy sounds lovely – how about Tim-Tam for a name?

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