Top 10 Objects Most Frequently Eaten by Our Pets

dummyHere’s an interesting list I found today.

The PDSA (the UK’s leading veterinary charity) has put together a list of the objects most frequently eaten by our pets – no doubt compiled from it’s long list of case histories!

How many of these do you have at home?

  1. Dummies / Infant Pacifiers – particularly attractive if it’s been dipped in something tasty;
  2. Stones;
  3. Bones;
  4. Contents of a child’s toy box – all those colored little bits and pieces of lego, farm animals etc are very inviting to a dog;
  5. Balls – make sure your dog only has access to those that are too big to swallow;
  6. Corn on the cob cores;
  7. Rubber objects such as rubber bands and erasers;
  8. Fabric and clothing;
  9. Linear objects – tape found in cassettes, cotton, wool have all been removed from dogs; and
  10. plastic bags.

Dogs explore by using their mouths, so it’s easy to understand how objects will be eaten whilst being investigated.

What to do if your dog is choking – advice from the PDSA

If your [tag-tec dog choking]dog [/tag-tec]shows signs of retching, drooling and pawing at the mouth, then this is life threatening and he should be taken to your vet immediately.

Otherwise, if you can open your dog’s mouth, whilst having a secure hold of him, grab the object and very gently pull it out. If the object doesn’t come out easily, leave it alone and contact your vet.

Do not pull out part-swallowed thread or string as this may cause damage to your dog’s intestines.

Best advice – dogs, particularly puppies, are inquisitive; keep tempting objects out of their way at all times if possible.

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