Celebrity Dog Names – big dog names and names for mixed breeds

boxer-with-sunglassesLast week I gave you a list of names chosen by the celebrities for their small dog breeds – click here to read the post.

Today I’ve got a collection of [tag-tec]celebrity dog names [/tag-tec]for large dog breeds and mixed dog breeds.

In my post ‘Do you need help choosing a name for your puppy?’ I suggested choosing a dog name that grew with your dog, one you wouldn’t be embarrassed calling out in the dog park.

I’ve found out that Venus Williams has a Pit Bull called Bambi, the same name Paris Hilton has chosen for one of her Chihuahuas. Perhaps you can get away with it if you are tennis celebrity, but personally I’d feel a little bit silly calling Bambi in the dog park and having a Pit Bull answer to the name!

Here is a list of celebrity dog names for large and mixed breeds:

Golden Retriever Dog Name

  • Luke, Layla, Gracie – Oprah
  • Star – Pamela Anderson

Labrador Dog Name

  • Martha Stewart – Jennifer Garner’s Golden Labrador
  • Luca – Mary Kate Olsen’s Chocolate Labrador
  • Bubba – Minnie Driver’s Black Labrador

Large Dog Names

  • KoKo – Christina Aguilera’s Bull Mastiff
  • Sheba – Olivier Martinez’s Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Atticus – Jake Gyllenhaal’s German Shepherd

Mixed Breed Dog Names

  • Samson, Cale, Scottie, Jeffrey, Lacey – Alicia Silverstone’s rescue dogs
  • Denver, Delilah – Charlize Theron’s dog
  • Ronnie – Courtney Love’s dog
  • Flossie – Brew Barrymore’s Labrador/Chow mix dog
  • Karoo – Hilary Swank’s Jack Russell/Corgi mix dog
  • Norman – Jennifer Aniston’s Cogi/Terrier mix dog
  • Miss Hudd – Matthew McConaughey’s Labrador/Chow mix dog
  • Sidi – Orlando Bloom’s dog
  • Porgy, Bess – Sienna Miller’s dogs
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  1. KoKo – Christina Aguilera’s Bull Mastiff!!! As for me, it sounds a little bit strange. My first association was with Coco Chanel, I think most people in the dog park will think the same.

  2. Thanks for your comment Angel – I’d agree with you, the name KoKo sounds as if it should belong to a small delicate looking dog!

  3. What breed of dog is sienna millers?

  4. Hi jg, I think her dogs are mixed breeds.

  5. What breed(s) is Courtney Love’s dog, Ronnie? Anyone?? Please?

  6. Hi Shelby – I’m not sure, the only picture I’ve seen of Ronnie is here and it’s difficult to tell the breed(s) – sorry!

  7. i’m trying to fing a good name thats a mix between a shetland sheepdog and german shepherd. For example, a cocker spaniel and a poodle is a cockapoo.

  8. Do any Celebs have white German Shepherds? I love them GSDs!

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