Groom and Doom

Here is a cautionary tale for those of you who use the services of a [tag-tec]dog groomer[/tag-tec].

A couple from New Hartford, Connecticut left their little dog Miss Rylie at the dog groomer, only to have an emergency telephone call from the groomer to say their dog had died.

Apparently Miss Rylie got her head stuck in the cage and choked to death – her owners say that the groomer had acted negligently because Miss Rylie was left unattended and in a cage that was too big for her.

Click here to watch an nbc30 news report of the story.

As with any dog service, it pays to do a little bit of homework before you use them. The vet in the video suggests that as a minimum you should:

  • Use a groomer that has been personally recommended to you;
  • Go and see the facilities, talk to the owner and groomers and look at where your dog will be kept before and after grooming; and
  • Ask if your dog can go for a short visit, and see how he his when you go and collect him – you will be able to tell from your dog’s demeanour whether or not it was a good experience for him.
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