Famous Dog Names – 10 of the best

scottish-terrierOne of the advantages of dogs is that they are themselves. Unlike humans, dogs don’t have the need to compare themselves to others and see how they measure up – so choosing a [tag-tec]famous dog name[/tag-tec] will not make your dog feel he has to live up to the name!

I found this great article on the Savvy Dog Lover web site that sets out the 10 Most Famous Dogs of the 20th Century.

There are some [tag]good dog names[/tag] to choose from. If I was choosing a name I’d seriously consider Fala, the name of Franklin Roosevelt’s dog which was a Scottish Terrier.

Here are five other famous dog names:

  1. Belka – one of the dogs that went into space aboard Sputnik 5 (Strelka was the other dog);
  2. Barry – a Saint Bernard rescue dog who reputedly saved over 40 people;
  3. Gibson – a Great Dane who is included in the Guinesss Book of Records as the tallest living dog ;
  4. Nipper – the HMV dog; and
  5. Faith – the only known bipedal dog.

I hope this gives you some more ideas for choosing a dog name.

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