Is Your Dog Predisposed to Ear Problems?

setter-coming-out-of-waterSome dogs are more inclined to suffer from ear problems than others – their lifestyle and/or breed can be contributory factors to the development and persistence of otitis (inflammation of the ear canal).

These factors aren’t always the main cause of otitis, but they contribute to its development because they encourage the retention of moisture in your dog’s ear and/or prevent the ear being ventilated. Warm, moist ears are a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections.

In an earlier post I identified the primary causes of otitis to be – allergies, ear mites, foreign bodies, tumors and skin disorders. These causes all change the environment in your dog’s ear, and if the ear is not kept clean and dry, will usually lead to bacterial and [tag-tec]dog ear yeast infections[/tag-tec] developing.

Which dog’s are prone to ear problems?

  1. Dog with long ears, Basset Hounds are a prime example. Floppy ear flaps block the flow of air into your dog’s ear, which makes it more difficult for the ear canal to remain dry;
  2. Dogs that do a lot of swimming or spend time in the water (working, gun dogs and dogs that are bathed a lot) – their ears will be more moist than those dogs that spend little time in the water;
  3. Dogs that have hairy ears such as Poodles, Schnauzers and many dogs in the Terrier group. Not only do hairy ears prevent ears drying properly, they tend to trap ear wax, discharge and debris thereby increasing the likelihood of an ear infection; and
  4. Some breeds have particularly narrow ear canals, Chinese Shar Peis are an example, which are difficult to keep clean and dry.

If you have a dog that is predisposed to ear problems, keeping their ears clean and dry is important in order to prevent bacteria and yeast infections from developing.

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  1. This tips is very good and useful to check my dog ears..

  2. Thanks for your comment. I need to keep a close eye on Zoe and Fritz – they go into the sea as much as they can, thankfully they just love having their eyes rubbed dry!

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