Dog Toys from China – The Alternatives


I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my article Dog Toys from China – Why We Should be Worried. I was horrified by the number of you whose dogs have been suffering inexplicable seizures and which are now on long term medication to control them.

The common denominator appears to be dog toys purchased from a variety of stores, and all of which were manufactured in China.

In response to Theresa’s question yesterday as to whether there is a list of toys that have been recalled, I’ve found what I can on the toys recalled, and put together a list of toys that are manufactured in the US which you may feel are safer to give your dogs to play with.
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Dog Toys from China – Why We Should Be Worried

How many of your dog’s toys come from China? A quick count through Zoe and Fritz’s toy box shows more than 10 – a mixture of plush and plastic [tag-tec]dog chew toys[/tag-tec].

Until I read an article at, I hadn’t given too much thought as to whether or not these were safe toys for them to play with.

However, given all the recent health scares about products from China – pet food and treats, children’s toys, toothpaste, etc – I should have known that pet toys would be the next item on the item on warning list. randomly chose 4 Chinese-made pet toys from a Wal-Mart store and tested them for the presence of heavy metals and other toxins.

Here is what they found:
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