5 Tips for Commissioning a Pet Portrait

Rebecca Collins creates really original pet portraits – you can see some of her work on her website artpaw.com; I’ve linked you to the page that shows the four different art styles she produces.

On her blog Rebecca gives five tips for commissioning a Pet Portrait, and I think the most important one is to plan the project well ahead of the time you need it by.

I hope you enjoy Rebecca’s site; I’m off to look through the gift catalog she has!

How to Photograph a New Puppy – or not in this case!

Following on from a post I made last week in which I gave some tips on how to photograph your dog, I found these ‘how to’ instructions at Chronwatch-america.com – do they sound familiar?

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When Only Your Dog’s Company Will Do

dog-for-companyDo you have days when the thought of human contact is just too hard, and all you want to do is spend some time alone with your dog?

Designer Alice Wang has produced her Pet Plus range of products for just such an occasion – the package “acts as a social supplement for those who wish to avoid human-to-human relationships temporarily but still have the need to be loved.”

So cosy up and share a glass of wine with your dog – you may be barking mad, but at least your dog won’t tell anyone!

How to Raise a Killer Dog – it’s as easy as 1-2-3

There seems to be an increasing number of [tag-tec]dog attacks[/tag-tec] on people; here in New Zealand a woman died at the weekend after being attacked by her nephew’s two dogs.

It’s easy to blame the breed of dog for these attacks – pitbulls head the list of breeds labelled as dangerous – but in how many of these cases are the owners really to blame?

In Nation News, Glenda Lewis provides us with three easy to follow steps to raising a killer dog:

Step 1 – buy your dog from an irresponsible, preferable one who operates a ‘puppy mill’;

Step 2 – deprive your dog of attention, affection and training; and

Step 3 – keep your dog chained in a yard and make sure he has no company and exercise.

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Seriously, we owe it to our dogs to teach them how to be sociable and not pose a threat to society . . . it’s not hard to do and it’s called being a [tag-tec]responsible dog owner[/tag-tec].