5 Lasting Valentine Gifts for Your Dog

labrador-with-rosesAre you buying your dog a gift for Valentine’s day?

I ask the question because celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog is becoming as big a marketing event as it already is for us celebrating the day with our partners!

There are now hundreds of dog valentine gifts you can buy ranging from heart shaped dog tags, dog beds and dog toys, clothes with heart motifs on them through to special dog biscuits and gift baskets. The majority of these products won’t last more than a few days, they’re really just produced for Valentine’s day.

So for a gift that’ll last a bit longer, here’s my list of 5 lasting Valentine gifts:

Commission a Pet Portrait

artpaw-1Art Paw produce portraits from a photo you supply of your dog.

You can choose to have the portrait done in one of the following styles: Fine Art Style, Warhol styled Pop Art, Master Paw Print Style where your dog is inserted into a famous painting such as the Mona Lisa, or a Soft and Pretty Look where the photo is color enhanced or reproduced in black and white or given a vintage look.

Prices range from $135 to $260 dollars.

Create a Pawprint Pendant

pendantWhy not create an everlasting memory of your dog by having his pawprint recreated onto a charm pendant?

For $194 or $204 Pawprints Jewelry will do this for you in .999 pure silver.

They send you a pawprint impression kit so you can get a mould of your your dog’s pawprint, then they transfer that onto a pendant – either by impression or relief.

Make a Donation to the Morris Animal Foundation …

pet_tagof $50 or more and they will send you a stylish Canine Cancer Campaign tag in return.

The aim of the campaign is to find a cure for canine cancer in the next 10 to 20 years.

Cancer is becoming increasingly common as the cause of death for many dogs, and much of the research into canine cancer presently undertaken is being done in conjunction with doctors researching the causes and treatments for human cancers.

Commission a Felt Miniature of your Dog

felted-dogKay’sK9s produces replicas of your dog using a technique called needle felting – Kay does such amazing work, and what a wonderful way to immortalize your dog.

At $120 these really do look like value for money, and judging by the testimonials on Kay’s site, her customers are very happy with the results: “Oh my god – he is SO cute!!!! The markings are perfect!! His little face is great — you got his expression wonderfully captured. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Spend Some Extra Time With Your Dog

heart-shaped-leashThis gift is free, and is the one that’s of most value to your dog.

Spending an extra half an hour playing, practising your training or going for an interactive walk will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Our dogs give us so much and ask for so little in return that an extra bit of attention from us would make really make their Valentine’s day something special!

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your dog?